Concept: Audialsense (Paul Bavister / Jason Flanagan / Ian Knowles)

Coding: Paul Bavister

This sound artwork, was installed at the ‘Curatorspace’ 47 Great Eastern St., London November 2005. (Sound file remastered in 2014)

10 pure sine waves, in Logarithmically scaled measures, based on a fundamental of 31hz this being the fundamental wavelength of the largest dimension of the gallery, were played into the gallery, with no modulation or variation, a direct sonic translation of space.

The cumulative effect of this intervention created an immersive installation of static auditory phenomena. Harmonics generated from the irregularity of the space created a frozen sonic landscape, derived directly from the proportions of the room. This landscape could be perceived by occupants as pools of frequencies that could be walked through and around.
This landscape was a direct function of the sound reacting to the space.