(All work shown on this page was executed as part of Audialsense, a collaboration of Paul Bavister, Jason Flanagan and Ian Knowles.)

Silo 468
Silo 168 Helsinki, 2017

A sound drawing in Silo 468, a disused gas cylinder on an island in Helsinki. The work was part of Helsinki Design Week 2017, and was commissioned by London Lighting Collective.

Siobhan Davis Studio, London, UK 2010

A tone poem reflection on site, space and score. Part of the London Festival of Architecture 2010


London, UK 2010

A site specific installation commissioned by the Department of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan University, 26 –28 March 2010.

Echo & Narcissus

Brighton, UK 2008

A tale of unrequited love in sound, commissioned for the Sonic Arts Network’s Expo ’08, Brighton.
July 2008.


London, UK 2006

A situated acoustic intervention linking two corridors in sound … commissioned by the Camberwell Arts Festival 2006

Science Museum, London, UK 2014

An installation undertaken in the Science Museum, London UK, using noises sourced from the engines in the museum. Commissioned by Aleks Kolkowski & The Science Museum.

Nottingham University, UK 2015

An acoustic intervention in a corridor between two campuses, commissioned by James Maunsell and Nottingham University

Samurda Manthan

London, UK 2008

The churning of the ocean of milk …Part of ‘The Diary of a Derelict Dairy’ commission for the London Festival of Architecture
July 2008.

Turbine Hall Frequencies

Tate Gallery, London, UK 20007

An installation exploring volume, both spatial and tonal. Turning the Turbine Hall into a musical instrument for an evening …


London, UK 2005

A study of standing wave phenomena, exhibited at the Curator Space Gallery, Old Street London, 2005.