Echo and Narcissus

Concept: Audialsense (Paul Bavister / Jason Flanagan / Ian Knowles)

Coding: Paul Bavister

Commissioned for the sonic arts network’s Expo ’08.

July 2008.

(This piece was also exhibited at the ‘diary of a derelict dairy’ as part of the london festival of architecture 2008)

(A tone poem of ‘self love’.)

This installation uses ‘sound’ to clearly define previously intangible physical phenomena.

Building on the tragic Greek myth of Echo & Narcissus, we have two elements within the room. Echo, a sine wave, and Narcissus, a mechanical vibrating object.

Echo, like her namesake is pure, and is represented by a non-varying sine wave, oscillating at the ‘mean’ frequency as the mechanical vibrating object. (Narcissus.)

Narcissus, by its analogue nature, will fluctuate around a base frequency. As this passes Echo’s non-varying frequency, audible phenomena emerges.

As Narcissus’s batteries slowly die, Echo is left alone.

audialsense would like to thank David Rogerson and Richard Whitelaw of the Sonic Arts Network and JBL professional for their support and encouragement in this project.